Neurosurgeon/poet slices up Dali

Dr. Michael Salcman [click on the image here to see him read his poem “Envy”], a neurosurgeon and published poet (his work has been reviewed in the journal Rattle and in Wikipedia) in Baltimore, Maryland, performed surgery on artist Salvador Dali, at least in print: “Raphaelesque Head Exploding, Salvador Dali,” Michael Salcman, Neurosurgery, Volume 38(1), […]

The art of crime is a collection of art pertaining to illegalities. The stated purpose is to promote “an awareness of the underworld activity in the arena of art.” The site features history, images of artworks, and even a link to Interpol’s poster about the most wanted stolen artworks of the moment. Charles Sabba, an artist associate with […]

Life, art, scrambled dinosaurs — again

Dinosaurs upside down, backwards, or scrambled are the subject of art yet again imitating life. In this case it’s art imitating life about the art of trying to describe life. The Onion has just published a splendid parody article called “Paleontologists: ‘We’ve Been Looking At Dinosaurs Upside Down“. But this joke has been lived out, […]