‘Crackers’ (recordings of joints cracking)

crackers7Circa 1997, Professor Christof Migone (now at Western University, Ontario, Canada) placed an ad. in a local Ottawa newspaper requesting anyone with ‘cracking’ joints (fingers, neck, back, etc etc) to participate in an audio recording session. The Ottawa based Gallery 101 was about to host an exhibition called ‘Incredibly Soft Sounds’ in January 1998, which featured the professor’s recordings under the title ‘Crackers’. Audio files of various ‘Crackers’ recordings can be found here. Or, if you prefer the sound, look and feel of a CD (over .mp3) a selection of Crackers recordings are also available on polycarbonate [no vinyl as yet].

Note: The 2009 Ig Nobel Medicine Prize was awarded to Donald L. Unger, of Thousand Oaks, California, USA, for investigating a possible cause of arthritis of the fingers, by diligently cracking the knuckles of his left hand — but never cracking the knuckles of his right hand — every day for more than sixty (60) years.