Facial hair and accused anthrax scientists

A new PBS Frontline documentary looks at the morass of accusations — about anthrax terrorism — aimed at two US government scientists, Bruce Ivins and Steven Hatfill, who worked at Fort Dietrick, Maryland. The case against either man has turned out to be less than clear. In all the media discussion of this case, almost […]

Anthrax for drummers?

Infectious diseases pose many mysteries, including at least one for drummers (as explained by the WorldWideDrums web site): Can I get Anthrax from playing African or Djembe Drums? The risk of acquiring anthrax from an animal hide drum is very low. Of 236 cases of anthrax reported to CDC from 1955 through 1999, only one […]

The anthrax chapel

This classroom also serves as the chapel for our unit. And according to one of our intelligence sergeants, the same room is where soldiers here got shots for anthrax immunization during the anthrax alert following September 11, 2001. So someone had the bright idea of calling the place The Anthrax Chapel. So writes Neil Gussman […]