Auto-Perception of Boob and Blemish Enhancement

Eric Keeand Hany Farid created algorithms to detect which portions of a photograph have been monkeyed with, and how much monkeying was done to each portion. Their study is “A Perceptual Metric for Photo Retouching,” Eric Kee [pictured here — we leave it to you to determine whether the image has been enhanced] and Hany Farid, […]

Offerings online — analysis

Tammy Castle of James Madison University and Jenifer Lee of Texas A&M International University analyzed how prostitution is adapting to the Internet: “Ordering sex in cyberspace: a content analysis of escort websites,” International Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol. 11, No. 1, 107-121 (2008). They report: “The purpose of this study was to uncover information about […]

Early computer-based analysis of scifi

In 1977, William Sims Bainbridge and Murray M. Dalziel wrote “New Maps of Science Fiction.” Published in Analog Yearbook [1977, pp. 277-99], it was one of the first carefully done computer-based social sciencey analyses of science fiction. The essay says (among other things): Our computer has generated many more maps of science fiction, enough for […]

Analysis of sidewalk fractures

Geology professor Charles Onasch of Bowling Green State University suggests a lesson in observation and analysis: ANALYSIS OF SIDEWALK FRACTURES Summary Using fractures in sidewalks as an analog for natural outcrops, students learn to make systematic observations, measure the orientation and location of fractures, manipulate and analyze data, and consider some kinematic and dynamic questions […]

“Strapless Gown” engineer to give first public talk — after 51 years

This Friday night will see a historic event. Charles Seim, author of the 1956 classic engineering report “Stress Analysis of a Strapless Evening Gown,” will give a five-minute public lecture about it. This will be the first time, ever, that he has done so. Seim’s strapless evening gown work somehow led to a subsequent career […]