Discovery: Students Who Do Homework Get Higher Grades

A proud press release from East Carolina University announces: Department of Economics professor Dr. Nick Rupp, who counts education tactics among his research interests, recently published the results of a study in which he found that doing homework assignments leads to higher test grades. “There’s always been anecdotal evidence,” he explained, “but I wanted to […]

“How Much Do You Like Your Name?”

Before 2008, there was considerable discussion in some psychological circles about finding simple and valid ways to measure a person’s ‘global self-esteem’. But nowadays psychologists have a new method at their disposal – the NLM. In a set of six experiments, Professor Jochen Eberhard Gebauer, and colleagues Michael Riketta, Philip Broemer and Gregory R. Maio […]

“Topical Trends in a Corpus of Persuasive Writing”

If you list everything that’s topical, trendy and persuasive, your list might include things you’d prefer it not to include, suggests this study: “Topical Trends in a Corpus of Persuasive Writing,” Michael Heilman and Nitin Madnani [pictured here], Research Report ETS RR-12-19, October 2012. The authors write, topically and perhaps persuasively: “Many writing assessments use generic […]

Towards a radioactive urine substitute

“14C is one of the radionuclides for which the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has developed performance testing programmes (PTPs). During the PTP exercises, clients receive samples of natural urine containing spiked radionuclides, for testing. In these programmes, urine has disadvantages. These include (1) slow collection times from donors, (2) unpleasant smell and (3) potential to […]

Military Experiments on Fruitcake (Part 2: 1982-4)

This is part 2 of our look at the US military’s tests, conducted at their laboratories in Natick, Massachusetts, during the 1970s and 1980s, on fruitcake, the time-honored holiday comestible. They issued at least two reports. Here’s a look at their second report: “Effects of Storage Time and Temperature on Nutritional Content of Fortified Fruitcake” [Final […]

Military Experiments on Fruitcake (Part 1: 1981)

During the 1970s and 1980s the US military conducted a series of tests on fruitcake, the long-lasting holiday comestible. They issued at least two reports. Here’s a look at the first report: “Nutritionally Fortified Fruitcake (Thermoprocessed, Flexibly Packaged) Developed for Shuttle Flight Use,” T. Branagan, NATICK/TR-82/004, June 1981. (AD A129 878). The report features these […]