A more powerful sports statistics tool

A more powerful statistical tool is available for sports analysts, potentially displacing traditional measures based on old-fashioned body-dimension (height, weight, etc.), or sport-specific performance (speed, scoring, passing,  etc.). The statistic is displayed in a newly published research report: “Relationships Between the Second to Fourth Digit Ratio (2D:4D) and Game-Related Statistics in Semi-Professional Female Basketball Players,” […]

Relative Finger Lengths and The Voices of Bankers [research study]

Comes yet another discovery about relative finger lengths. The new study is: “Prenatal exposure to testosterone (2D:4D) and social hierarchy together predict voice behavior in bankers,” Erik Bijleveld, Joost Baalbergen, PLoS ONE, vol. 12, no. 6, June 28, 2017, e0180008. The authors, at Radboud University and Utrecht University, The Netherlands, explain: “Prohibitive voice behaviors are […]

Subtle insights from comparing someone’s finger lengths: Stuttering

There’s yet another demonstration of the subtle insights you can get from comparing the lengths of a person’s second finger and fourth finger. A new finger-comparison study extends the tradition established by the father of finger ratios, Professor John T. Manning: “Prenatal testosterone and stuttering,” Christian Montag [pictured here, wearing a coat], Benjamin Bleek, Svenja Breuer, Holger Prüss, Kirsten […]

Finger lengths as a key to desirability in romantic couples

Human nature can seem complicated, but maybe it’s simpler to look at the relative lengths of a person’s fingers. Here’s yet another study that demonstrates the power of this approach: “Sociosexual Orientation and 2D:4D Ratios in Women: Relationship to Men’s Desirability Ratings as a Long-Term Pair Bond,” Tara L. DeLecce, John P. Polheber, Robert L. Matchock […]

The Predictive Power of Leaders’ Ears

A potential for misunderstanding has arisen regarding an article in the current Harvard Business Review Magazine (Nov, 2011) entitled : ‘How Earlobes Can Signify Leadership Potential’ From the title, and in particular the sentence “In both studies we measured participants’ earlobes, wrist widths, and finger lengths and assigned them a score reflecting their degree of […]

Finger Ratios Don’t Always Predict Body Odor

Discoveries continue to pour in about the significance of people’s finger lengths. Recently we wrote about studies concerning finger ratios and number of sex partners, finger ratios and the prediction of who will become a good doctor, finger ratios and the success of financial traders, and many other wonderous things. A new Swiss/French/British study reveals […]