Finger lengths as a key to desirability in romantic couples

Human nature can seem complicated, but maybe it’s simpler to look at the relative lengths of a person’s fingers. Here’s yet another study that demonstrates the power of this approach:

Sociosexual Orientation and 2D:4D Ratios in Women: Relationship to Men’s Desirability Ratings as a Long-Term Pair Bond,” Tara L. DeLecce, John P. Polheber, Robert L. Matchock [pictured here], Archives of Sexual Behavior, February 2014, Volume 43, Issue 2, pp. 319-327. The authors, at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan and Pennsylvania State University, Altoona campus, explain:

MatchokThe current study examined whether men’s ratings of women’s desirability as a long-term pairbond, based on static photographs, were related to the women’s second-to-fourth digit (2D:4D) ratio and their sexual attitudes and behavior. The 2D:4D ratio was measured in 164 women and facial photographs were taken of 55 of these women. All women completed the Sociosexual Orientation Inventory (SOI). Male participants (n = 89), masked to this information, rated the 55 female participants on their desirability as a long-term sexual partner, specifically along dimensions of faithfulness, youthfulness, and attractiveness. Ten independent judges rated women’s photographed faces on masculinity. Results indicated a significant negative relationship between women’s SOI scores and men’s faithfulness ratings (more unrestricted sociosexuality was associated with lower faithfulness ratings). There was also a significant positive relationship between right (but not left) 2D:4D ratio and faithfulness ratings (women with female-like ratios were rated as being more faithful).