‘Occupational marks’

Occupational marks represent the effects of a repeated particular activity on a worker’s, musician’s or sportsperson’s skin. They are many and varied. They include (but are by no means limited to) :

• Surfer’s Nodules (Surfers)
• Cauliflower Ear (Boxers)
• Jazz Ballet Bottom (Dancers)
• Lichenification of the Elbows (Bank workers)
• Alopecia from Repeated Spinning on the Head (Breakdancers)
• Perioral lip dermatitis (Recorder players)

All these examples, and many more, are listed in the chapter on ‘Occupational Marks’ (pp. 137-140) in the Handbook of Occupational Dermatology. A partial preview of which is available here.

BONUS Activity : Do you have an occupational mark (not listed above)? Let us know.

Photo shows Synchronised Surfing, Manly beach, New South Wales,1938-46. Surfer’s Nodules status unknown.

Research research by Martin Gardiner