Cellists can live longer than rock musicians [study]

If you’re thinking of becoming a professional musician, and you’re keen on a long lifespan, then you might like to examine a 2014 paper published in the journal Advances in Gerontology. Researchers G.M. Zharinov and V.N. Anisimov [pictured] (of the Russian Scientific Center of Radiology and Surgery Technologies and the Petrov Research Institute of Oncology, […]

‘Occupational marks’

Occupational marks represent the effects of a repeated particular activity on a worker’s, musician’s or sportsperson’s skin. They are many and varied. They include (but are by no means limited to) : • Surfer’s Nodules (Surfers) • Cauliflower Ear (Boxers) • Jazz Ballet Bottom (Dancers) • Lichenification of the Elbows (Bank workers) • Alopecia from […]

Digital transfer in a somewhat offhanded musician

Innovative surgery allowed a musician to resume playing the saz. Details are in this study: “Reconstruction of the left thumb with a second toe transfer in a musician’s hand,” Serhan Tuncer, Billur Sezgin, Ismail Kucuker, Basar Kaya and Suhan Ayhan, Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, epub July 4, 2013. (Thanks to investigator Ivan […]