Pasta that’s boiled longer is softer (new study)

If you like pasta with tomato sauce (e.g. Neapolitan style) you may have asked yourself, ‘Which factors affect the suitability of boiled pasta with tomato sauce for eating?’ If so, a new paper from the Japanese Society of Food Science and Technology could be of interest.

“Physical properties of the pasta boiled for the shortest time changed greatly when sauce was added. The texture of the pasta boiled for the longest time was soft, because the core lacked a non-gelatinized region. In a force–strain curve, the change in the force after the breaking point of the pasta boiled for the shortest time was the largest after sauce addition.“

See: ‘Factors Affecting the Suitability of Boiled Pasta with Tomato Sauce for Eating’ in Food Science and Technology Research, Volume 24 (2018) Issue 1.

Note: In Japan, ‘Neapolitan’ pasta is known as ‘Naporitan’.