Elephant Trunk (new patent)

Robert Dale Beadles of Lodi, California, US, has just been granted a new US patent. Clues to its intended function can be seen in the drawing : 704 being a handle, and 703 being a wheel.

“In summary, the present container for items and personal effects for travel will be seen to provide not only a useful container for the transportation of goods, but also serve as a fashion accessory for people of all ages. The container is also easy to use, and provides for a more ergonomic option as it only requires gentle pulling to activate the rear leg wheel system for the transportation of the container. When the tension has been released to a preset tension, the rear leg wheel system will retract, and the container resembling an animal will ‘sit down,’ and can also provide other entertainment at the time with other gestures such as panting, yawning, or wagging its tail, for example.”

Note that the invention will also be applicable to dogs, whales &etc. For more explanations and drawings of the other animals see US patent 9,788,619, October 17, 2017, entitled simply ‘Suitcase’.