Do Pimples Pay? Apparently they do (new study)

“We find that the shock of having acne is positively associated with overall grade point average in high school, grades in high-school English, history, math, and science, and the completion of a college degree.“

– explain Professor Hugo Mialon (Emory University) and Professor Erik Nesson (Ball State University) who are the authors of a new study which, for the first time, explores the relationship between having acne and subsequent academic and workplace success.

Using data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health) , the authors discovered an association – and, having found the association, they go on to speculate that perhaps the ‘decreased socialization’ associated with acne might (somehow) lead to higher educational performance and attainment.

See: ‘Do Pimples Pay? Acne, Human Capital, and the Labor Market’ Emory University Working Paper, May 2017

Also see: Wedding spending and marriage duration, linked? (co-authored by professor Mialon).

Photo (detail): courtesy Roshu Bangal, Wikipedia