Crafting a “six-pack” from excess body fat

“Currently we are experiencing a ‘golden age’ of plastic surgery body contouring with new innovations by thought leaders, including fat grafting, which are completely raising the bar of postoperative results that can now be delivered to the patients in terms of appearing youthful and sculpted yet natural.”

Today, for example, it’s possible to create (apparent) abdominal muscle enhancements by collecting excess fat from one or more parts of the body and then re-injecting it to form a fat-filled ‘six-pack’ (effect).

six-packThe fat is collected and processed. The fat is drained using a metal strainer and then placed into 20 cc syringes for reinjection. The patient is then rotated back into a supine position. The abdominal area is re-prepped, draped, and re-marked for injection. Average volumes removed from each surgical site to obtain fat and highlight contour are as follows: lower abdomen, 272 cc; muscular inscriptions, 136 cc; lateral anterior abdomen, 313 cc; bilateral flanks, 537 cc; and upper back, 228 cc. Average volumes of fat placed into each area are as follows: lower ‘six pack,’ 42 cc each; middle ‘six pack,’ 58 cc each; upper ‘six pack,’ 55 cc each; and serratus muscle, 31 cc each. The liposuction sites are closed with 5-0 black nylon to prevent egress of injected fat. Lower pelvic incisions remain open for drainage.”

See: Utilizing the Power of Fat Grafting to Obtain a Naturally-Appearing Muscular “6-Pack” Abdomen

– by Douglas S. Steinbrech, MD; and Sammy Sinno, MD, in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 36, Issue 9, (2016) pp. 1085 – 1088

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