Dr Solomon’s (new) buttock augmentation method

George Solomon, MD of the Solomon Cosmetic Center, Palm Harbor, FL, USA, writes (in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, September 2016) about Buttock Augmentation : A Novel Alternative to a Lengthy Procedure. He points out that despite the number of fat-transfer procedures being performed worldwide, there is no standardization for the harvesting or transferring of the fat – it’s often a two-part process whereby the removed fat is stored temporarily before being re-injected. His new process removes fat from one location and transfers it to another (in this case the buttocks) in one streamlined automated procedure. How does it work?solomon-method

“The technique described in this article is fully automated. The fat is collected in a closed sterile canister. The canister sits on top of a vibrating plate which allows the fat to sediment. Then it passes through sterile tubing to the vibrating cannula to the patient. The fat is not exposed to air and is not manually handled. Therefore, the risk of desiccation and infection is minimal. In addition, the amount of supplies and staff needed is minimal. This procedure also provides less time and less fatigue on the surgeon.”

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Coming soon: Crafting a “six-pack” from excess body fat.