New uses for old CDs (part 3)

Got old CDs? Looking for uses for them? Have you thought about their application in crime scene photography?

“Tripod legs of cameras often sink into sand, mud, or snow. To avoid this, old CDs can be used by placing approximately three of them under the feet of the tripod. CD’s can also be used as reflectors when photographing smaller articles of evidence.”


The extract is from Law Enforcement Technology, Volume: 31 Issue: 2, February 2004, Pages: 38, 40-42,44, provided by the US National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS).

Notes: In the absence of a photo or diagram from the article, the picture shows instead a commercial version of a broadly similar concept – the Lino Manfrotto SKU 230 Tripod Snow Shoe.

This concludes our brief series ‘New uses for old CDs’. If you know of any other (documented) uses for them, do let us (and others) know by commenting below.