An illuminated removable nipple cover (new patent)

“There exists a need for an illuminated device that is removably attached to a body.

There also exists the need to for a body attachment with a light for users to wear over nipples.

There also exists a need for an illuminated removable nipple cover to have a batter [sic] powered LED light that is attached in the center.

There also exists a need for a removable illuminated nipple cover having a dome shape design allows room for the light and provides a better fit over the breasts.”


All these needs are met, according to a new US patent (May 17th 2016) describing an invention by Kelly Taylor of Key West, Florida. See: Illuminated Nipple Cover. US 9,339,063 B2

The patent document doesn’t provide drawings or photos of how a wearer might look with the new invention, but the inventor’s website does (batteries are included).

Note: Pasties (pron. “paste – eez”) should not be confused with Pasties (pron. “past – eez”)