High Sounds of the Sea, Over There

If you love the sounds of the sea, and you want to know where — precisely where in the sea — some of those sounds come from and go to, this study may be of interest:

High frequency directionality measurement of ambient noises from breaking waves in the surf zone,” Hsiang-Chih Chan,  Chi-Fang Chen, Ruey-Chang Wei, Proc. of the Underwater Acoustic Measurements: Technologies and Results, 3nd Inter. Conf. and Exhi. 2009. The authors, from National Taiwan University and National Sun Yat-sen University,  report:

“The ambient noises in the surf are mainly generated by breaking waves, which’s mechanism is well-known bubbles resonance while surface waves break…. [Hundreds of papers] have studied this topic from World War II. The surf noise sources are generally made by wave motions shown in Fig. 1, which represents the individual plunging breaking wave in this study…. In [our] surf experiment, it may be difficult to obtain the resonance from an individual bubble, but the acoustic characteristics, such as noise level fluctuations and spatial distribution of noise energy, can be received by using a hydrophone array for more interesting studies. Thus the main study subject in this paper is to measure the noise directionality by a line array and analyze the noises’ spatial distribution by using the beamforming calculation.”