Printing on rodents’ tails (new patent)

“Animals have been marked for identification purposes for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.” – explains a new US patent awarded to Somark Innovations, Inc. of San Diego, California.

The firm’s invention (marketed under the name Labstamp ® ) relates to the marking, for ID purposes, of animals, where the animal might be, say, a mouse or rat, and whereby it could be marked or printed, say, on its tail, with for example, a number or a barcode.

See:Animal marking devices, transfer assemblies, and useful restraints‘, February 9, 2016


Also see: From The New York Times, July 2005, “Tattooed Fruit Is on Way” (partially corrected version)

Question [optional]: Might the invention be scaled so as to accommodate other animals? If so which? And if so why?