Optimality with Respect to Blips

Blips? Respect? Optimality? It, or rather they, are all there, together, in a single study. This study:

CapeTown_ElenaOptimality with Respect to Blips,” Jan C. Willems and Maria Elena Valcher [pictured here], Decision and Control, 2005 and 2005 European Control Conference. CDC-ECC’05. 44th IEEE Conference on, pp. 2905-2910. IEEE, 2005. The authors, at the University of Leuven and the Universita di Padova, report:

“We consider local minimality with respect to short duration variations, called ‘blips’. It is shown that for quadratic differential integrals either there are no such optimal trajectories, or that all stationary trajectories are local minima with respect to blips.”