The egg cracked; they super-glued it; a bird hatched

The story of the cracked egg and the glue, as reported by the Indian Express on November 2, 2015:

Cracked Egg Glued, and a Baby Rhea is Born!

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: An egg cracks, gets fixed with a super glue and voila, it hatches. Sounds like the script of a super glue commercial? Well, it happened for real, at Thiruvananthapuram zoo….

The incident reminds one of the work which won Ig Nobel Prize in Chemistry this year. Colin Raston, a Chemistry professor at Colins University, was ‘honoured’ with the prize for partially unboiling an egg. While it sounds like a quirky research topic and Ig Nobel prizes are supposed to laud achievements which “make people laugh and then think”, it is reckoned that the study will be useful in pharmacy. Similarly, a cracked egg saved with an adhesive could set a precedent.