A big thank-you to Austrian Airlines

I want to personally thank Austrian Airlines for being so charming. Austrian Airlines has now gone six months declining — charmingly — to refund the air fare for a blizzard-cancelled fight.

We must respectfully decline,” Austrian Airlines wrote us in their latest email, to send the refund they explicitly promised in February. The flight was going to be my return home after participating in a delightful science/social event in Vienna. The blizzard shut down pretty much every flight in the northeast US. Austrian Airlines subsequently shut down every inquiry about when they would send the refund for my cancelled flight.

AustrianAirlines-charmingAustrian Airlines boasts the slogan “the charming way to fly”. I can but celebrate the airline’s chilly, blizzard-enhanced corporate charm.

I hope everyone has a chance to appreciate the depth of The Charming Way to Fly!