Mancaves and masculinity

Man Caves. Are they retrograde expressions of masculine ethos, or therapeutic, integrative spaces? Either way, perhaps they haven’t received the academic attention they deserve? Until now. The Journal of Consumer Culture presents work by Professor Risto Moisio (California State University, Long Beach, USA) and Professor Mariam Beruchashvili (California State University, Northridge, USA) who have authored one of the only papers to have formally investigated Mancaves and masculinity.

399px-Man_cave […] our study suggests that man caves play a pivotal yet a more complex role in men’s identity work at home than previously thought. Man caves are not just the retrograde expressions of masculine ethos premised on escaping the influence of the female and feminine domesticity. Rather, man caves emerge as therapeutic, integrative spaces. They operate as venues for weaving together the multiple aspects of men’s identities at times overwhelmed by professional and familial obligations. Man caves afford men a place for reinventing themselves as more fully functioning males integrated within the home, family, and the fraternity of other men.”

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[Picture courtesy theogeo @ Wikipedia]