“Designing and Testing an Improved Packaging for Large Hollow Chocolate Bunnies”

Improbable Research podcast #1 savors a peer-reviewed study about improved packaging for large hollow chocolate bunnies.

The study is: ‘Designing and Testing an Improved Packaging for Large Hollow Chocolate Bunnies,’ Gerald W. Greenway and Raul Enrique Garcia, TAPPI Journal, 80 (8), 1977, pp. 133-139 . The authors were at The Package Sealing Laboratory, at the School of Engineering, at the University of Missouri-Rolla. Here’s a visual detail from it:

chocolate bunny packaging study

Improbable Research podcast #1 savors many other things, too — as you will hear when you listen to it, munching ever-the-while on a large hollow chocolate bunny or two (which, as is well known, is a delightful way to enhance the already delightful process of listening to an Improbable Research podcast).