The school of complexity

Some like it simple. For those who do not, there is the International School of Complexity:

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(Thanks to investigator Andrea Rapisarda for bringing the school to our attention.)

Earlier in the year, complexity (and Lipschitz-continuous Hessians) will be the subject of a talk at Imperial College London:

ImperialChemicalWorst-case complexity of nonlinear optimization: where do we stand?

Date: 11 Feb 2015
Time: 11:00 – 12:00

Speaker: Prof. Philippe Toint, Université de Namur (Belgium)

We review the available results on the evaluation complexity of algorithms using Lipschitz-continuous Hessians for the approximate solution of nonlinear and potentially nonconvex optimization problems.

The arrangements for the lecture involve a fair degree of complexity. The event is variously advertised as being organized (or something) by Imperial College London’s Department of Chemical Engineering, by Imperial College London’s Department of Computing, and by University College London.

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