Food Guns (new patent)

A newly patented invention (Nov. 4th, 2014) could perhaps be loosely described as a ‘Food Gun’. As the drawings show, it’s not only aimed at pets, but is also applicable, say the inventors, to zoo animals.PetFood_Launcher

“In an example, a dog owner can launch a dart shaped projectile according to the present disclosure intended to entice their dog(s) to fetch and eat as a form of exercise and nutrition. In addition to pets, projectiles of the present disclosure can be used to feed other wild and domestic animals, in wilderness areas, or on farms, ranches, wild game park reserves, or at zoological parks. Zoos can provide safe stationary launching devices to allow visitors to shoot (i.e., launch) food into the animal exhibits to encourage the animals to exercise while also providing meals or treats. This also provides for an entertaining and interactive experience for the zoo patrons.“

The patent notes that the launcher could also be configured to fire other edible projectiles, e.g. ‘Flying Discs’.

See the full patent: ‘Projectile pet food

Note: The patent doesn’t mention any human food-delivery applications, but does cite, “Homemade Biodegradable Nell Darts, ” Improbable has been unable, as yet, to retrieve and verify the source.