Towards perfecting men’s necktie lengths

Following our recent improbable article on the non-linearities of Windsor Knot tying may we also recommend a paper which might be of particular interest to adult Korean males who wear neckties. Eun-Kyung Park and Jee-Won Hong presented a paper in the Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles, Vol 27, No. 11, 2003, pp. 1198-1207. Entitled:  ‘Customized Necktie Design According to Man`s Body Characteristics (part 1) : Focused on the Length of Necktie


“The purpose of this study was to develop customized necktie design according to Korean adult male’s body characteristics. For this purpose, experimentations of visual sensory evaluation on visual stimuli which show a man’s wearing various neckties were carried out. The subjects were students(n=130) majoring in fashion and design related area and experts(n=6). The data were analyzed by ANOVA, duncan test, pearson’s correlation coefficient, cross tabulation using spss pc^(+) program. Also statistic of Korean adult men’s body measurements(1997) were analyzed and used to decide appropriate necktie length according to the customer`s various height. The results were as follows: First, there were significant difference in visual sensibility on the stimuli showing 1) relative location of belt and necktie. 2) neckties with various length using golden ratio to the experimental model`s height. Therefore, the need of producing neckties with different length according to customer’s various height were verified. Second, neckties with three different length(140㎝, 145㎝, 151㎝) were suggested for the groups of 160㎝ height, 170㎝ height, 180㎝ height according to Korean adult male’s body characteristics and aspect of production.”

The full paper, with illustrations, is available here (note: predominantly in Korean)