Further dramatic readings from bizarre studies, Friday night

porter-squ-booksWe’ll be doing some more Improbable Dramatic Readings — brief public readings from bizarre — yet genuine — scientific studies, this Friday night, September 26, at Porter Square Books, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, starting at 7:00 pm.

The studies — which we will treat as if they are dramatic literature written for actors to perform — are things I wrote about in my new book This Is Improbable Too.

The guest readers are:

Robin Abrahams (“Miss Conduct” columnist, and assistant opera director at the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony)

Jean Berko Gleason (Boston University Professor Emerita of Psychology, creator of the Wug Test, and deliverer of the “Welcome, Welcome” speech at the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony)

Gary (pork-up-his-nose) Dryfoos (Majordomo at the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, and new Internet celebrity and press darling because of his photogenic demonstration, at the recent Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, of how and why doctors stuffed cured pork up a patient’s nose)

We’ll also have some copies of my other new book — the one I did together with Corky White and Gus Rancatore — The Ig Nobel Cookbook, volume 1.

Here’s video the WGBH Forum Network made of our most recent Improbable Dramatic Readings event, which was at Harvard Bookstore. The readers that night were Robin AbrahamsMelissa Franklin (Harvard professor of physics, and frequent Ig Nobel performer), Corky White (Boston University professor of anthropology, and author of Cooking for Crowds), and Gus Rancatore (proprietor of Toscanini’s Ice Cream).