Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” and the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony

So you love opera, and you think you know the heights and depths of “Là ci darem la mano” and of the finale — “the Commendatore scene” — in Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”?

Ha. Watch the live webcast of the 2014 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, which includes (among many things) the premiere of the mini-opera “What’s Eating You”. “What’s Eating You” tells an entirely different story — a story that focuses far more than the original on food, and on hands. And on bacteria. It all comes together or (depending on which character you identify with) falls apart, in the thrilling final scene, which uses the music from the Commendatore scene.

The ceremony, with the webcast, begins at 6:00 pm (US eastern time), Thursday, September 18.

This video shows a performance of Mozart’s opera before we got hold of it: