The Ig Nobel Cookbook (volume 1), in the flesh

TheIgNobelCookbook_Cover_250wOur newest new book — The Ig Nobel Cookbook (volume 1) — is now available in the flesh, so to speak and so to read, in one of the world’s great bookstores.

Harvard Bookstore has a print-on-demand machine. If you walk into the store, smile, and demand a copy of the book, they will print it for you, tout de suite. You can also order from Harvard Bookstore online, and by telephone.

Peggy Hernandez reviewed the book today in The Boston Globe, under the headline ”

CanBeSmart Curry and other unusual recipes from ‘Ig Nobel Cookbook’

The Ig Nobel Cookbook (volume 1) is also available from, and soon in other good places.

The Ig® Nobel Cookbook

Volume 1

Corky White, Gus Rancatore, and Marc Abrahams
illustrations by Marian Parry

Delicious and other recipes invented, inherited, devised, and/or improvised by
winners of the Ig Nobel Prize
• Nobel laureates
• and organizers of the Ig Nobel Ceremony

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BONUS: PRI’s “The World” radio reports about the book.