Lower Extremity Kinetics in Tap Dance

For the first time, Improbable can draw attention to an experimentally verified investigation into  ‘Lower Extremity Kinetics in Tap Dance’ (in: Journal of Dance Medicine & Science, Volume 14, Number 1, March 2010 , pp. 3-10(8))

Investigators Lester Mayers, M.D., Shaw Bronner, P.T., Ph.D., O.C.S., Sujani Agraharasamakulam, M.S., and Sheyi Ojofeitimi, M.P.T. asked six professional tap dancers to perform ‘flaps, cramprolls, and pullbacks‘ on a platform which measured the kinetic forces involved as they actuated their lower extremities (a.k.a. legs and feet). The moves were also photographed with a high speed camera.

“Compared with studies of hip and knee joint compression forces occurring during various activities, our findings again most closely resembled measurements during low impact aerobic dance, and only slightly exceeded those occurring during walking and stair climbing.


As anticipated, we found relatively small joint landing forces and moments for the four sequences performed by experienced tap dancers.”

Coming soon: Possible problems caused by lower extremity kinetics of tap dancers.