Towards a Theory of Jerks (help wanted)

schwitzgebelEric Schwitzgebel, Professor of Philosophy at University of California at Riverside, US (whom we recently featured for his ideas about the philosophical concept he calls ‘Crazyism’) is developing a Theory of Jerks. As part of this project, the professor is seeking examples of jerkish behavior. Here’s an instance – from ‘Anonymous’ :

“At the gym a few weeks ago. A man there (working out) had probably 10 weights of various sizes strewn in a wide radius around him, blocking other people’s potential work-out space. I asked him if the weights were his, and he said “no – the person before me left them here, and I DON’T PICK UP OTHER PEOPLE’S WEIGHTS.”

If you have an example of jerkish behavior, or an observation on jerkdom in general, or perhaps even a definition of a jerk (currently lacking in the literature) here’s the place to submit it.