The ever-intriguing Twist of Consumer Research

Heads turn when they see the phrase “Contact: Mary-Ann Twist” on a press release, because the minds in the brains in many of those heads know  there’s a good chance the press release heralds a new discovery reported in the pages of The Journal of Consumer Research. Mary-Ann Twist is managing editor of same.

Here are a few of the many headlines from Twist missives:

  1. Grieving for Tony Soprano: How the Public Responds to the Death of a Brand
  2. Wordplay Persuades for Customer Reviews of Truffles, but Not Laundry Detergent
  3. Why we like the Old Spice guy: Consumer identity and product preferences
  4. Are consumers aware that they are drawn to the center when choosing products?
  5. No Regrets: Avoid Bad Feelings about Missing a Great Sale

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