How to Kill People

GeorgeNelson“How to Kill People” is a TV documentary made in 1960. The underlying theme: how to design weapons that kill people, but — as the occasionally-coughing on-camera host George Nelson, himself an influential product designer, explains — does not murder them. The passing years have added blurrgh-blurrgh-blurrghiness to the sound track:

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BONUS (possibly unrelated): “Tea towel catches fire“. (HT Betsy Devine). UPDATE on the bonus: The York Press, the newspaper that published the tea towel news, seems to have replaced that item with something unrelated. FURTHER UPDATE: The York Press reported, back in 2011, on a not dissimilar incident; that report reads, in full:

Towel fire drama in Driffield

A TEA towel which was left on a hob caused a fire in Driffield. Firefighters were called to Taylors Field, in Mill Street, at about 5.20pm yesterday after the towel caught fire. The fire was extinguished by the occupier putting the tea towel in the kitchen sink.

RELATED UPDATE: A different newspaper, The Argus, reported, in 2012, on an incident in Brighton:

Exploding tea towels warning after Brighton Fires

A fire chief has warned of the danger of ‘exploding teatowels’ after the dangerous phenomenon struck twice in a single day. Two fires started by “spontaneously combusting laundry” broke out at Terre a Terre restaurant in Brighton and Brighton College earlier this month. At Terre a Terre, a pile of tumble-dried tea towels was left in the kitchen overnight after the restaurant had closed. Heat began to gradually build up in the centre of the mound of laundry before it suddenly exploded into flames….

RELATED UPDATE: On September 12, 2013, the Lancashire Telegraph reported on yet a different incident: “Tea towel catches fire in Colne

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