Was the microwave vital to the burn? The cheese pie question.

Forensic fun puzzle of the day: To what extent, if any, was the microwave vital to the import of this medical report?

Thermal burn of palate caused by microwave heated cheese-pie: A case report,” Cases Journal, Panagiotis Kafas and Christos Stavrianos,  vol.1 (2008): 191. The authors, at Aristotle University, Thessalonica, Greece, report:

“A female patient, 36-years-old, complained of bilateral palatal pain on the anatomical area of upper second molars. The painful condition of palatal mucosa erosion was observed. Palatal erosions or ulcerations may be caused by heated food cooked in microwave ovens. We present a case of a bilateral palatal burn caused by cheese-pie. Concluding, any food containing cheese, when heated in microwave oven, may cause palatal burn if eaten immediately….

“Currently there are few reports of mentioning the danger of eating pizzas, eggs and liquids processed in microwave ovens. Cheese pies and pizzas have the same main content. Hypothetically, cheese is the material that retains temperature in high levels. In our opinion, cheese pies become more dangerous than pizzas when heated in microwave, because the implicated material is located centrally.”