Announcing: The 2013 Ig Nobel Prize winners

2013-Ig-Nobel-poster-150The 2013 Ig Nobel Prize winners were announced and introduced tonight (Thursday, September 12) at the 23rd First Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, at Harvard University.

On Saturday afternoon (September 12), many of the new winners will give short public talks at the Ig Informal Lectures. They will explain, as best they can, what they did and why they did it. The Ig Informal Lectures happen at MIT, Saturday, at 1:00 pm. You are invited. It’s free.

Here is a photograph of the 2013 Ig Nobel Prize, designed and built (as per tradition) by Eric Workman. This year’s prize is a hammer, sealed inside a transparent glass box, with a sign on the outside that says, “In case of emergency use hammer to break glass”:


Here is the official video recording of the ceremony:

BONUS: Here is a recording of the second, parallel video feed — The NSA Courtesy Cam, provided as a courtesy to the world’s national security agencies [NOTE: The NSA Courtesy Cam video feed went dead part way through the ceremony. Some people have suggested that the feed was terminated by the NSA; for legal or other reasons we are not commenting on that conjecture.]

BONUS: Who’s Who at this year’s Ig

BONUS: The flow of press accounts and reactions, some of which have beautiful photos.

BONUS: QI’s quite beautiful web page about the Ig Nobel Prizes