Who’s who at the 2013 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony

The biggest stars at the 23rd First Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony Thursday night will be the 2013 Ig Nobel Prize winners, come from 18 nations on five continents. Their identity is secret until each of them is introduced at the ceremony.

Nobel laureates Dudley Herschbach (chemistry, 1986), Eric Maskin (economics, 2007), Roy Glauber (physics, 2005), and Frank Wilczek (physics, 2004) will present the prizes to the Ig Nobel Prize winners.

The ceremony will also star this year’s 24/7 LECTURERS, each of whom will explain her or his subject first in TWENTY-FOUR (24) SECONDS,  and then in SEVEN (7) WORDS:

The new mini-opera, The Blonsky Device, directed, arranged and orchestrated by Henry Akona, stars Maria Ferrante (soprano)Martin Kelly (tenor),  Philip Lima (baritone), and Miles Rind, (bass), backed by an all-star biomedical orchestra, “The Forces of Nature”, composed of Harvard and MIT physicians and researchers assembled by Dr. Thomas Michel.

And that’s just the beginning. Click on the image below to see pretty much everyone else:


The gang includes these two lookalikes:


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