Eyebrows Lasers Dangers

Laser_AlertIf one was contemplating methodologies for the permanent removal of one’s eyebrows, and one was inclined towards a laser – specifically a 755 nanometre Alexandrite laser – then one might be advised to think again. A 2011 case report in the medical journal Clinical Ophthalmology describes a scenario involving a 41-year-old man, who :

“…presented with bilateral eye pain and mild photophobia 2 days after receiving alexandrite (755 nm) laser epilation of both eyebrows.”

The laser was unequivocally identified as the cause of the damage.

Conclusion: Laser hair removal of the eyebrows can lead to permanent ocular damage even with eye protection, and should be avoided.”

See: ‘Iritis and iris atrophy after eyebrow epilation with alexandrite laser.’ (Clinical Ophthalmology, Volume 2011:5 pp.1733 – 1735)

Also see: Eyebrows – the dangers (Improbable Research, Mar. 2, 2010)