Safety School: Bulletproof Whiteboards

“The University of Maryland-Eastern Shore announced that it is purchasing 200 [bulletproof] whiteboards from Hardwire LLC, a company based in Pocomoke City, Maryland, citing the need for a heightened sense of security in the wake of deadly mass shootings in recent years,” reports CNN.

The manufacturer says its product is “now available in pink, blue, or green!” There is a full specification sheet [PDF], which includes this detail:


The company web site  gives this simplified list of features:

  • Blends well with classroom – no psychological impact on students.
  • Perfect for highly interactive teaching.
  • Easy-to-hold handles for portability.
  • Purchase includes a hook for easy hanging.
  • Covers the head and torso.
  • Ballistic protection per National Institute of Justice standards.
  • Absorbs multiple magazines of ammunition from any handgun or shotgun without ricochet or injury.

The manufacturer also produced a promotional video:

The bulletproof whiteboard is “18 inches x 20 inches in size.” It thus offers possibly full-body protection to anyone who is a maximum of 20 inches in height.

The university has more than 4000  students. Each of the 200 bulletproof whiteboards will protect 20 students, statistically speaking.

(Thanks to investigator Mason Porter for bringing this to our attention.)

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