Purloining of burglary and other crime material, they say

A scientist suggests that others have committed wrongs with some of his research. Martin Short, who is CAM Assistant Adjunct Professor at the UCLA Mathematics Department, writes on his web site:

Published Works

[7] M.B. Short, M.R. D’Orsogna, P.J. Brantingham, and G.E. Tita, Measuring and modeling repeat and near-repeat burglary effects,  J. Quant. Criminol. 25 (2009)

[6] M.B. Short, M.R. D’Orsogna, V.B. Pasour, G.E. Tita, P.J. Brantingham, A.L. Bertozzi, and L.B. Chayes, A statistical model of criminal behavior, M3AS 18 (2008)

Works Plagiarized by Others
Unfortunately, sometimes people copy your work and claim it as their own.  Here is a collection of known papers that plagiarize from myself and my co-authors:

[2] M. VijayKumar and C. Chandrasekar, A Mathematical Framework for Analyzing and Representing Recur and Near-recur Results in Burglary Crime Data, published in IJMA 2 (2011), plagiarized from publication [7] above.

[1] M. VijayKumar and C. Chandrasekar, Spatial Statistical Model for Predicting Crime Behavior Based On the Analysis of Hotspot Mapping, published in EJSR 54 (2011), plagiarized from publication [6] above.

(Thanks to investigator Dan Meyer for indirectly bringing this to our attention.)