Introducing the Terahertz Egg, with water imprinting (new patent)

THz_Egg_PatentOn March 5th 2013 the US patent office issued  a patent centered around the enigmatic concept of “imprinting” water. More specifically :

“The present invention provides a method for imprinting water so as to emit Terahertz radiation and a method for maintaining the freshness of foodstuff with an article containing the imprinted water.“

[For comprehensive info on the Terahertz waveband click here]

The new device (pictured above), is supposed to be kept in the refrigerator, whilst quietly radiating between 720 – 930 GHz. This terahertz-band radiation is intended to “retard the activity of bacteria” – though the patent doesn’t go into detail regarding how this might happen. It was invented by Cord R. Vollmers et al., and comes in the form of a transparent egg-like construct, containing water which has been “energized” or “imprinted” (via polarized sunlight), and subjected to a “vortex” (preferably counterclockwise).

This unique radiation source might be of interest to electromagnetics researchers who are currently investigating the comparatively neglected terahertz waveband – and who would previously have had to resort to complex and expensive electronic systems. Using devices such as resonant-tunneling diodes or quantum cascade lasers – rather than an energized-water-filled egg. [Note: the patent informs that a pyramid is also suitable]

The new patent is the latest in something-of-a-tradition which the US patent office has established in granting patents for inventions which are based around ‘extraordinary’ water. For some recent examples, see :

    US 6,164,332, covering an ‘In-line magnetic water manufacturing apparatus’ – which produces “living water”.

or, US 6,022,479 ‘Method and device for producing activated liquids and methods of use thereof’ which produces “altered water”

or US 5,804,068 ‘Magnetic fluid treatment device’ which produces “linear, organized water” (or fruit juice)


Superficially at least, the new terahertz source bears quite a resemblance to a product called Eggstrafresh ®, marketed by  – a www domain registered to a company called C-5 biotechnologies, LLC, which lists Mr. Vollmers (the inventor of the terahertz egg above) as their CEO and Founder. The Eggstrafresh ® is also a transparent water-filled egg which one keeps in one’s refrigerator, but the Eggstrafresh ® apparently works in a very different way – one which doesn’t appear to rely on THz generation. Instead, it performs :

“… by emitting oxygen molecules through the plastic (PET) egg shaped device thus changing the environment of an enclosed area. It then reacts with methane gas to form water and carbon dioxide to retain moisture in food products.“

Unfortunately the Eggstrafresh website is currently offline, but details can be found via this promotional video :

or, via the old website, as archived.