Easily Misinterpreted Title of the Week: Life Management

This week’s Easily Misinterpreted Title of the Week is “Centre for Power Transformer Monitoring, Diagnostics and Life Management“.

The title has little to do with the Personal Growth or Life Management industries per se. Rather, it’s all about electrical power transformers, and extending the longevity thereof, in Australia:

The Centre for Power Transformer Monitoring, Diagnostics and Life Management (CPTM) has been established under the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) initiative of the Government of Victoria….

The primary objectives of the Centre are to develop new technologies, computer algorithms and equipment for monitoring, diagnostics and life management of power transformers.  Other activities of the Centre include studies into vegetable oil for power transformers, winding looseness detection, thermal and moisture modelling of transformers, and providing training and consulting services to the industry.

BONUS: For a gripping read on the subject, download the document called “The ‘Impossible’ Research Transformer

BONUS TO THAT BONUS: Amuse yourself by estimating how many different electrical transformers were involved, fleetingly, in the computational process that delivered that downloaded document to you.