“Mouth to Nose Merging System”

A new “Mouth to Nose Merging System” (the crucial components of which can be seen in the diagram above) has been developed by a joint research team from L’UNAM Université and Université de Caen France. The researchers having noted that :

“The relations between odour and texture notably are not very clear and results from previous works are not in accordance. Furthermore, there is little information on the impact of an odour, representative of an aroma released in human mouth, presented via the orthonasal route on other perceptions.”

Thus the need for a ‘Mouth to Nose Merging System’ which they have designed and experimentally validated. Experiments were conducted with a human judge evaluating the mouth|nose and palatability of apple slices in artificial saliva.
‘The “Mouth to Nose Merging System”: a novel approach to study the impact of odour on other sensory perceptions’ is scheduled for publication in a future edition of the journal Food Quality and Preference.