The Cake of the Book of Improbable, Devoured

Special thanks to Gus Rancatore and his fellow wizards at Toscanini’s Ice Cream for creating (and surprising me with) an Improbably-beautiful, and delicious, one-of-a-kind ice cream cake that recreated the cover of my new book, This Is Improbable. Here’s a photo of that cake (which no longer exists, having been devoured), and a look at the cover. Jean Berko Gleason took the photo. The book cover was designed by Andy Bridge, whom I hope to meet some day so I can thank him for creating something that perfectly transmits the spirit of the book.

BONUS: Events schedule

BONUS: A sheepish admission about my new book

BONUS: The new book’s ISBN is 9781851689316. That number maybe be of mathematical interest to someone. If it is, I would enjoy hearing who you are and specifically what wonders you see in the number.