A sheepish admission about my new book

My new book — This Is Improbable — has its official UK/US publication date this Thursday. September 6. Before it comes out, I have to make an embarrassing admission.

Foyles bookstore asked me to do up a little essay for their blog. I decided to write the confession as part of that essay. Here’s the confessional bit:

Oh. There’s one thing in the book about which I feel sheepish. It’s not the story about the Scottish attempt to profile the personalities of certain sheep. Nor is it the Austrian study, which I mention only glancingly, about performing surgery to alter the facial shapes of certain other sheep. No. It’s one little story that’s fictional. We, the book’s editor and I, had joked about including one fictional story, with a Clear Mention that – unlike everything else in the book – it’s concocted. And then, somehow, A Mistake Was Made, and one of my fictional pieces got lodged in there, but the Clear Mention went missing. So… sorry about that. And I hope you can spot which story’s the ringer.