“This Is Improbable” Today is publication day!

Today is publication day for my new book, This Is Improbable.

I hope you will read the book, and that you will spread the word.

Tomorrow, Friday, September 7, I will be on two radio programs, talking about some of the improbable stories in the book: in the US on Science Friday (NPR), and in the UK on the Today programme (BBC radio 4). If you happen to produce a radio or TV or other program and would like to do something with, about, or to the book, please get in touch!

In late September and early October, I will be doing some events — all-star-group recitations of studies mentioned in the book (the biggest will be at Conway Hall, in London, on Sept 30); appearances on The Infinite Monkey Cage and on The Museum of Curiosity; and other good things in London, Edinburgh, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, and perhaps other places. If you would like to host an event, please get in touch!

And oh golly gee by the way: two weeks from today, on Thursday, September 20, there’s the 2012 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, which will be webcast live.

BONUS: Events schedule

BONUS: A sheepish admission about my new book

BONUS: The new book’s ISBN is 9781851689316. That number maybe be of mathematical interest to someone. If it is, I would enjoy hearing who you are and specifically what wonders you see in the number.