No words: Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Will anyone be angry, irritable, annoyed or defiant enough to oppose this proposed revision to the DSM (The American Psychiatric Association‘s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders?

Q 00 Oppositional Defiant Disorder

A. A persistent pattern of angry and irritable mood along with defiant and vindictive behavior as evidenced by four (or more) of the following symptoms being displayed with one or more persons other than siblings.

Angry/Irritable Mood

1.   Loses temper

2.   Is touchy or easily annoyed by others.

3.   Is angry and resentful

Defiant/Headstrong Behavior

4.   Argues with adults

5.   Actively defies or refuses to comply with adults’ request or rules

6.   Deliberately annoys people

7.   Blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior


8.   Has been spiteful or vindictive at least twice within the past six months…

[HT the agreeable Charles Seife]

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