Piano-induced near-trauma, for testing purposes

Roberts Musical Restorations restores instruments. They also post videos that may be instrumental in getting people to see instrumental possibilities. The two videos here will, if viewed in order, (1) frazzle your nervous system and then (2) calm what’s left of it.

First this. “DEATH WALTZ CANT BE PLAYED ON A PIANO!! The problem is that the song was programmed incorrectly and just past the middle of the song there are too many overlapping notes . The computer compensates but the piano cannot. I have tried to re-write it somewhat but does not have the same effect. If someone actually wrote the music to play on a piano like Circus Gallop it would play but they basically just wrote the song for the computer to play and cannot be played on a real piano. ‘sorry’.”

The YouTube ID of BdUy70dh8LY#! is invalid.

Then this. “This is a Wurlitzer style C with a bell unit added. We have just completed a total restoration and this beautiful Orchestrion is now for sale. The case has a “Silver Fox” finish in which is rare for this unit. This Orchestrion plays 65 note piano, 38 Violin pipes, 38 Flute pipes double mouthed, Bass & snare drum, triangle and a 14 note bell unit.”

(HT Mark Dionne, BoingBoing, Reddit)

BONUS: Two humans attempt to play Circus Galop: