Conceivably surprising: Drunken anger

Another conceivably-surprising headline, in a press release published in Science Daily:

People Who Suppress Anger Are More Likely to Become Violent When Drunk

ScienceDaily (June 22, 2010) — A new study published in the journal Addiction reveals that drunkenness increases the risk for violent behaviour, but only for individuals with a strong inclination to suppress anger….

The study, which will conceivably surprise someone, is:

Alcohol, suppressed anger and violence,” Thor Norström and Hilde Pape [pictured here], Addiction, volume 105, issue 9, pages 1580–1586, September 2010. The authors, at Stockholm University and the Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research explain that:

“Alcohol use may be related causally to violence, but the effect of drinking is confined to individuals who are inclined to suppress their angry feelings.”