The Hooman kiss-transmission robot

Videos don’t lie, it is said (though said seldomly). Here are videos of the kiss-transmission robot and its relatives. The man behind (or between?) the kiss is said to be Hooman Samani [pictured here], Hooman being at the National University of Singapore. He lists among his publications:

H. A. Samani, A. D. Cheok, N. Fernando (2011) An Affective Interactive Audio Interface for Lovotics. In ACM Computers in Entertainment, CIE, Volume 9, Issue 2, July 2011. Presented in International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, ACE 2010.

– H. A. Samani, A. D. Cheok (2011) From Human-Robot Relationship to Robot-Based Leadership. In 2011 IEEE International Conference on Human System Interaction, HSI 2011.
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Here’s Hooman’s “Reinforcement Learning of Lovotics Robot”:

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…and Hooman’s “Mini-Surrogate: Communication via Miniature Robots”:

(HT Josh Kroll)