Analyses of Bread: (1) Thick and (2) Old

We give you this day double your daily ration of studies about bread:

PROTON INDUCED X-RAY EMISSION ANALYSIS OF TRACE ELEMENTS IN THICK BREAD SAMPLES,” Mohamed Baker Al-Bedri, Ikram Jameel Abdul Ghani, Ibrahim Abdul Rahman Al-Aghil, International Journal of PIXE, Volume: 19, Issues: 3-4(2009) pp. 133-141. (thanks to investigator Tom Gill for bringing this to our attention.) The authors are at Hashemite University, Jordan, Baghdad University, Iraq, and King Saud University, Saudia Arabia.

OPTIONS OF OLD BREAD AND STORAGE ADMIXTURES USING AS QUALITY AND SAFETY FOOD,” Zvonko Nježić, Đorđe Psodorov, Dragan Palić, Jasmina Živković, Biljana Cvetkovićić, May 21, 2010, presented at the International quality Conference, Kravajevac, Serbia.